When garage doors are well balanced they are made to move flawlessly. At this point your door will hang at whatever level you set them at without feeling to heavy nor to light.

However, many garage doors need to be repaired after a while because homeowners fail to do regular maintenance and inspections. It’s very important to check your garage door on a regular basis.

Often times the springs on your garage door need to be fix or replace in order for the door to work correctly. Anytime you have to adjust a garage door that’s using torsion springs, it can be very dangerous situation.

Make sure you have the proper knowledge to perform the task. If you have any doubt about being able to get the task done, then just call your local garage door repair company to assist you and take care of the problem.


Checking The Balance Of Your Garage Door


Before you do any adjusting to your garage door. You need to know which side of it is off balance. The way you do that is by disconnected the door from the opener and seeing how well it hangs by itself.

You want to move the door up and down to make sure it’s moving easily in the tracks. Move the door about half of the way and then let it go to see if it falls to the floor, slides upward, or hovers in place.

Anymore than a little movement with your door means it’s off balance. Most of the time garage doors fall down when they lose tension in their springs. So this is where we’ll discuss what procedure you need to do. It’s also the same procedure you take for over balance door. The only difference is you just move the spring in the opposite direction.


Adjusting An Extension Spring


When adjusting a extension spring door, you want to take all the tension off the door before you touch any springs. You can do this by taking a ladder in prompting it under the door so that it holds it all the way up.

You then want to place a clamp on both sides of the track to keep the door in place. Make sure it’s open as wide as it can go without hitting the door opener’s stop bolt. Remove any cables from springs before loosening them up. If the springs themselves look worn out. It might just be better to replace them.

Otherwise you can start by slipping the spring off the bracket that’s opposite of the hanger and then moving it to the other hole that’s away from the hanger.

Before you test make sure you do this on both sides and always adjust the springs set evenly. Now take the clamps off and rest the door on the ladder. Move safely away from the springs and check the balance again by moving the door up and down.

Now you can decide if it needs to be adjusted more or not, or if it just needs finer tuning. You can make small adjustments using s-hooks at the end of the pulley cables on either side. You can also tighten the cable if you feel you need more tension.